Harden Moss : 100th Sheep Dog Trials

Image by RayMorris1 via Flickr

One of our listeners stopped by after the show yesterday and we talked about all things Christian.  Early on we discovered a common bond—he is a current policeman and I a former one during my military service.  We talked about the great responsibility on policemen and women—the requirement to be kind and courteous most of the time, but the need to get down right aggressive when an innocent person is faced with danger.   Hey, if a thief breaks into my house at night and puts my family in danger, the last thing I want is a policeman to respond who will be kind and considerate to the intruder.  I want one who will do whatever is necessary to subdue the criminal and protect my family.

Our discussion ended with a talk about sheep, wolves and sheep dogs.  Now we know who the sheep are—us who follow and trust in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  And we know who the wolves are—those who attack the sheep with false teachings hoping to scatter and destroy the sheep.  But what about the sheep dogs?

Well while the sheep are gentle, the sheep dog is anything but.  He can be just as vicious as the wolves, with razor sharp teeth and an instinct to fight when the sheep are attacked.  He will stand up to the attacking wolves to protect the flock of sheep.

The overwhelming response we get to this show is positive.  We are encouraged by your comments thanking us for taking tough stands and always pointing you back to the Word of God as the only source of absolute truth.  But sometimes we do get criticized—and usually it is the same line—that we are disrupting unity in the body.  We are sometimes scolded and told that in John, Jesus prayed that we would be one just as He is one with the Father.  And some feel we are an impediment to this unity.

But unity is only as impactful as what we are unified around.  And what we need to be unified around is the absolute truth of God’s Word.  When emergent, new age and social justice proponents attempt to twist the Word of God to change His nature or change the end of God’s story for our world, that’s where unity ends.  Then it becomes time for battle.

Jesus, our shepherd, has called some like us to be sheep dogs.  While they are guarding and guiding the flock, they can be gentle.  But one thing I have noticed about sheep dogs—they ain’t real pretty, but you don’t want to mess with them.  When the flock is threatened, the sheep dog attacks the wolves to protect the flock.  There is nothing gentle about that sheep dog when he is defending the flock.

Pastors and Christian leaders, at this time in our history as a church, we need more sheep dogs.  We need leaders who can stand strong against the wolves that are threatening the flock these days.  Leaders who are kind, gentle, caring and encouraging to the flock—but will stand up and show our teeth to the enemy that seeks to attack and scatter the flock.  We have been entrusted with caring for and guiding the sheep until Jesus returns.  Shame on us if fear, or finances or a desire to be people pleasers prevents us from standing against the wolves who seek to scatter the sheep and lead them to slaughter.