Christians praying in Goma, DR of Congo.

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How do you fight against the inevitable?  The bible clearly states that in the final days the anti-christ will rise to power and unite the world in its hatred toward God, choosing to worship a false god.  It seems most, if not all nations will join him in this unholy venture.

Growing up before I committed my life to God, I heard the conspiracy theories about a one world government and religion and simply dismissed them as paranoia.  To me, these were just the rantings of fanatics who were afraid of everything, including their own shadows.  I mean, really, how plausible was it that the governments and the people of the world could unite around anything, given life in the sixties and seventies?

Well, fast forward thirty to forty years and look at what is going on around us.  The world is on the brink of economic depression; uprisings in the Middle East threatening an already fragile peace; riots in Europe as the “nanny state” fails to deliver on its utopian promises; and a move on several fronts to bring all religions together in the name of peace.  Suddenly the threat of a one world religion and government no longer seems like paranoid rantings—they seem more like prophecy being fulfilled as man, in his sinful nature, lives down to his lowest expectations.

Scripture is clear that man will seek his own solutions to the ills of this world instead of repenting and asking God’s forgiveness.  So these things will eventually come into being.  So, how do we fight the inevitable?

The best analogy I can come up with is this:  the world is like the Titanic, slowly sinking.  The iceberg has been struck and there is nothing we can do to reverse the sinking of the once great ship.  What we can do is this: We can work diligently, carrying out the Great Commission, getting as many people as we can off the boat before it is too late.  We can be in prayer, asking God to soften the hearts of those we know so they might be receptive to His Word and eternal hope.

We can also get out of our selfish mentality as Christians.  You know, the attitude of “well, I’ve got my salvation, so the heck with everybody else.”  We can boldly and lovingly stand up against the false teachings that are leading younger people away from the truth of God’s Word.  We can call Islam what it is—a false religion—and lovingly reach out to Muslims with the hope of Jesus Christ.

We can stand on the truth of what God says marriage should be—while loving the person struggling with sexual sin and sharing God’s truth with them.

We can, in true love, challenge one another as Christians to lead a life of holiness that is pleasing to God.  We can make certain we hold our Brother accountable to God’s commandments—and at the same time ask him to hold us accountable.

The clock is ticking down.  One day soon God will say “It is time”.  And whether you believe the church will be raptured before or during the tribulation, it should make no difference.  Instead of taking our status for granted, perhaps we should think of ourselves as one of the virgins waiting for the bridegroom—making sure our wicks are trimmed and our lamps are full of oil.  Jesus did say that in the final days many would say “Lord, Lord’…and His response would be “I never knew you”.

Do you truly know Him?  Intimately know Him?  And does He intimately know you?  Our pride and arrogance will answer “yes”.  But perhaps this is a good time for every one of us to pray as David did in Psalm 139:23:  “Search me O God and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.  See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way of the everlasting.”