The homosexual agenda being pushed in our universities, technical colleges and public schools from high school all the way down to our Kindergarteners. Today we’ll introduce you to one teacher who took on his college administration to stand up for truth. Richard Schmidt shares what happened when he addressed the pervasive homosexual agenda in a local technical college.

What is happening in our schools across the United States?  Here is a small sampling:

  • In January 2008 a pamphlet called “Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation and Youth” was mailed to all 16,000 public school superintendents in the US. The paper was compiled by 13 organizations, including the National Education Association. The purpose was to promote the notion that all form of sexual attraction among students (regardless of age) are equally and entirely normal.
  • Many high schools all over the country have a Day of Silence to highlight homosexuality and encourage tolerance from all students
  • in Brookline, Massachusetts at the local public high school in 2005. A homosexual conference, attended by high school and some middle school students, was held to present homosexuality as a normal, natural and healthy lifestyle.
  • GLSEN (Gay and Lesbian and Straight Education Network) distributes literature to high school and middle school students that includes graphic pictures.
  • There are many seminars for teachers to introduce homosexual issues to Pre-K through 2nd grade students to advance the agenda, with titles like, “You Can’t Talk about THAT With Young Kids, Can You?”.
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