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Paul’s letters to the Corinthians cover a myriad of subjects.  But an overriding message is for Christians not to quarrel with one another over relatively unimportant issues–but he also encouraged them to not tolerate false teachings and false teachers within the church.

We tackle a lot of difficult issues on Stand Up For the Truth.  There are many attacks from the outside from Islam, humanism and atheists who seek to discount the truth of God’s Word.  But the attacks from the outside do not worry me as much as the attacks from the inside.  Jesus and Paul warned that in these final days there would be false teachings that tickle the ears and turn many away from the true gospel.  But how do we determine which of our differences are relatively insignificant and which pose a real threat to the church?  I think this is a crucial issue that our church leaders need to pray about and address.

Look, as Christians we are always going to disagree on certain issues that are relatively insignificant to our faith.  Should Christians ever consume alcohol?  When will the rapture of the church take place?  These are issues we should discuss with one another, allowing a lot of grace and respectful disagreement.  But there are some issues we need to take a stand on, particularly when the character and nature of God are called in to question.

When leaders like Rob Bell question if hell is real, we need to take a stand.  When Brian McLaren calls the cross false advertising and doubts that God would send Jesus to pay the price for our sins, we need to take a stand.  When Pastors and leaders are reaching out to find common ground with Islam—a religion that says Jesus is not the Son of God, we need to take a stand.

Last week a Christian I have known a long time told me there are a few local pastors who get upset at our show.  They feel we are dividing the Body of Christ rather than helping to unify it.  Well, just what are we supposed to unite around?  If they are asking us to be accepting of the teachings of Rob Bell, Brian Mclaren and the Chrislam movement being led by people like Rick Warren—well that’s not unity, it’s a sell out.

The goal of Stand Up For the Truth remains the same—to share news that affects our Christian faith and point you to the Word of God as the only source of absolute truth we can depend on.  And we will continue to ruffle some feathers as we move forward.  If that is what it takes to wake us up from our malaise as a church so be it.

You know it would be nice if we could all just go on with our lives pretending that everything is just fine.  But a look at today’s headlines will quickly wake us up.  Growing tension in the Middle East; a world possibly on the verge of economic collapse; and a increasingly lethargic church that seems too willing to accept false teachings about God all for the sake of “unity”.  The fact is the world is ripe for change and just looking for a hero that will usher in peace and prosperity.  Does that character sound at all familiar to you as a Christian?

Many of our guests on this show comment on how few Christian radio shows are willing to tackle the tough issues these days.  They seem more interested in garnering big audiences with a soft, squishy message.  Well, that’s just not us.  We are called to be watchmen on the wall and point out danger when we see it.  And we will continue to do so, always being in prayer asking God to help us discern the difference between honest disagreements on non-crucial issues, and when to take a stand against dangerous compromise and false teaching.

So yes, we will continue to ruffle some feathers.  And we welcome your feedback, positive or negative.  And to those few pastors who seem to think we are off base biblically, we welcome you to come on air with us and share your opinion.  Because what we need most right now is a real discussion on issues facing the church.  The last thing we can afford is to continue to go on blindly thinking everything is OK.  The world is changing rapidly and there is pressure on the church to change along with it.  And that my friends, is a real danger!