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It is easy to get so caught up in a single cause that we lose our perspective, and as Christians we are certainly not immune to this.  Many of us become so passionate about a single issue that it causes us to leave common sense and wisdom out of the equation completely.

And the radical environmental movement is a classic example.  Most scientists agree that the earth has heated up slightly over the past couple decades—but I remember the 1970s when the great fear was that we were headed to another ice age because these same scientists told us the earth was cooling rapidly.

And even though the evidence seems to point to a very slight warming of the atmosphere, to date there is no proof that fossil fuels or anything man is doing is directly contributing to this warming.  Allow me to make a couple observations on the situation:

First, the culprit that these radicals point to is the emitting of excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  And what do you think the number one source of carbon dioxide emissions is?  PEOPLE.  We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide when we breath.  And I am sure it is mere coincidence that some of the leading spokesmen on carbon dioxide emissions are the same people who support population control and abortion.

Second, over the last decade ethanol fuels have been forced down our throats as the gasoline of choice for our automobiles.  Ethanol comes from corn.  And now, guess what?  We are facing skyrocketing food prices because of a potential corn shortage.  Corn is used in virtually every food product and now that we are manufacturing ethanol, the world is faced with higher food prices and a potential food shortage because of the scare tactics of radical environmentalists.

Third, know that our children are being spoon fed every day with the lies that the planet is dying a slow death from climate change.  And of course they are told man is the culprit and that the earth can no longer support a growth in population.  A slick way to legitimize abortion and population control.

But as usual, the real culprit is this—a hatred and denial of God.  And a false belief that man actually controls his own eternal destiny.  Scripture tells us God created and manages all things.  To me, the change in global temperatures is simple to explain—when the earth becomes a little too warm or a little too cold, God just adjusts the thermostat a little.  But that’s just me—one of those crazies who believes in an all powerful God.

There is nothing new in man thinking he is smarter and wiser than God.  It has happened repeatedly since the Garden of Eden.  The difference now is that this dangerous thought has become mainstream teaching to our children.  Parents please take the time to know what your children are being taught and point them to the Word of God as the anchor of truth in their lives.  Without it they will grow up buying into the lies of this world—a very dangerous place indeed.