Day 252: Reading the Bible from My Phone

In today’s changing world, what is the role of apologetics in our Christian faith?  Some think we as Christians must be excellent apologists for our faith while others think it is meaningless, because only the Holy Spirit can remove spiritual scales from the eyes of non-believers, so we are wasting our time with apologetics to the non-believer.

Jesus said in the end times many who call themselves Christians will be subject to great deceptions and fall away from the faith.  Unless we have as deep an understanding on who God is, His nature and what He expects of us, we will be at risk to be deceived by silver tongued false teachings that sound so inviting.  As humans, all of us miss the mark to some extent and get it wrong.  That’s why on this show we always tell you, don’t take our word for anything—but always take what we say and hold it up against the Word of God—our only source for absolute truth.

But unless we take the time to study the Word of God and grow in knowledge and wisdom every day, we are opening ourselves up to deceptive and false teachings.  And if you think you are too well grounded in God’s Word to be deceived, think again.  Jesus warns that many will fall away in the final days.  We must not be so arrogant that we think that cannot apply to us.

We are in for a bumpy ride as Christians.  On today’s show local political writer and pundit Robert Meyer joins us to talk about apologetics, and where we put our faith in these uncertain times. As a Christian and a conservative, Robert writes for Renew America, and you can check out his articles here.

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