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Yesterday our nation commemorated the tenth anniversary of a cowardly attack on our nation by radical Muslims, where 3,000 innocent people lost their lives in the name of Allah.  Because of this attack, America will never be the same.  Where we once thought ourselves immune from terror, we know realize it may soon be a way of life, like it is in Israel.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, it is time we wake up and understand that there is more at stake here than the security of the United States.  As Americans we of course want to defend our way of life from terrorists.  But as Christians we need to understand that this is a spiritual battle.  Islam is growing in our communities, attracting new converts at an alarming rate.  And the spiritual realm is full of battle, as Muslims and misled Christians try to downplay the differences between the false religion of Islam and true Christianity.

How we respond to the growth of Islam in our communities will tell a lot about us as Christians.  Jesus clearly taught we are to love our enemies—yet He also taught us to beware of false teachers and to not be yoked with them.  But that has not stopped people like Brain McLaren from celebrating Ramadan with Muslims.  It has not stopped pastors like Rick Warren from bringing Muslims and Buddhists into his church to teach.  And recently hundreds of Christian churches simultaneously preached from the Bible and the Koran at a recent Sunday worship service.

So how do we as disciples of Jesus Christ respond to the growth of Islam in our communities?  Well first we need to understand how we should NOT respond—out of fear or ignorance!  One pastor recently asked me if he should consider adding a security team to his church’s worship service.  Others seem willing to discount the growth of Islam in our communities as a passing fad.

Well, I don’t have all the answers—but I know who does—God.  So the first line of defense is to make sure Christians know the Word of God and understand the attacks on the absolute truth of God’s Word.  Because as real as the threat of violence from radical Islam is—it pales in comparison to the threat it is to naïve Christians who want to believe we can find common spiritual ground with a religion that denies Jesus Christ is the only Son of the living God.  And make no mistake about it—our children are being indoctrinated into believing that Islam is a legitimate religion.  It is going on in the actions of our government, the media and in our public schools.  And if that isn’t bad enough, it is happening in some of our Christian churches.

Pastors I urge you one more time to sit down with your youth leaders and ask them what they think about people like Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo.  These people are on the leading edge of evangelicals who are calling for “dialogue” and “cooperation” between Christians and Muslims.  This call for dialogue and cooperation is a thinly guised veil for ecumenism—where all religions are seen as equally valid and true.

Our response to the growth of Islam needs to come from a real understanding of the Word of God.   Muslims have every right to worship as they please in our nation, and we should not seek to deny them that right as American citizens.  But to stick our heads in the sand and pretend Islam is not a threat—well it doesn’t get any more naïve than that.  As Christians we are indeed called to love all men—even our enemies.  But we are also called to point out Islam for what it is—a wicked and false religion that denies the true nature of Jesus Christ.

Pastors, you are our watchmen on the wall!  Please read Ezekiel Chapter 33 and understand your responsibilities as a Watchman.  It is time to lead—not out of fear or ignorance—but by standing firmly on the Word of God against a spiritual enemy that wants us to believe all is well.