How do we as Christians reach out to those who are Jewish? Today we’re asking an expert! Jacob Prasch was once a Jewish agnostic who valued science and became very disillusioned about organized religion and the Truth about the world and Scripture. He went on a quest to try to find evidence against the words of Jesus, and found an overwhelming amount of evidence for Christ the Son of God! Today Jacob is the director of Moriel Ministries, and reaches out to Jewish believers with the Truth of the Messiah.

Moriel Ministries is an evangelistic outreach to people of other faiths, beginning with the Jews and nominal (non-evangelical) Christians, such as Roman Catholics and liberal Protestants. We also hold seminars on Messianic apologetics, Islamic evangelism, and cult evangelism. The ministry seeks to plant Messianic fellowships where none exist. These are “fellowships” and not congregations, designed to evangelize Jews and to provide a practical way for Jewish believers and those who are called to the Jews to preserve and express their identity in Yeshua as Messiah.

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