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Next week the United Nations will entertain a motion from Palestinians, asking the U.N. to unilaterally vote in favor of a separate Palestinian state within land owned by Israel.  The United States will find itself in a very tenuous situation when this vote comes up.  Vote against it and irritate Muslim countries that we are dependent on for the majority of our energy needs.  Vote in favor of it and alienate the best ally we have.  What should the U.S. do?  What will it do?  Here are my thoughts.

First, we should absolutely vote NO on this motion.  Israel has sought to live in peace with its Arab neighbors since 1948.  It has never started a war, yet has had to defend herself against numerous attacks and wars.  Every time God has given Israel victory, but the world keeps blaming the Jews for all the problems of the region.

God’s Word is very clear on how He will hold nations and peoples responsible if they abandon Israel.  And in spite of the Jews currently rejecting Jesus as the Messiah, they are still God’s chosen people and scripture tells us many will come to know Jesus as the Son of God in the final days.

What will the U.S. do?  My guess is they will cower and abstain in their vote, trying to remain neutral so as not to offend any party.  At a time where boldness and standing up for the truth of God’s Word is needed, I just don’t think we have it in us as a nation anymore, particularly under our current leadership.

The coming months in the Middle East are sure to be tense.  Turkey, the most powerful country in the region is turning more and more hostile toward Israel.  Egypt will soon be under the political control of the Muslim Brotherhood—an organization that has always called for the destruction of Israel.  And the United States—Israel’s only friend—is turning its back on God as we have been for the past several decades.

But in the midst of turmoil, wars and rumors of war, we have nothing to fear.  As I write this, I just got off the phone with a dear sister in the Lord who asked us to pray for her brother in law.  He just retired at age 65 and learned he has terminal cancer, with probably only 12 weeks to live.  In the midst of tragedy that would devastate most families, this family is maintaining joy in God’s promise of eternal life.  And while they are praying for God to miraculously heal him, the family is at peace knowing true Christians really never die—we just pass on to eternal life with God.

Please take some time today to reflect on that.  With all that is going on in the world, are you feeling fearful or depressed?  Or is your faith in God rock solid, knowing that in the end He wins and our lives are in His hands for eternity?  It is when we face fear and potential tragedy that our true faith is revealed.