Jim Wallis, Sojourners president and CEO

Image by Bread for the World via Flickr

Earlier this week we asked a question: How do we fight against the inevitable? God’s Word is clear that in these final days evil will increase and man will grow increasingly rebellious against God. Evil will be seen as good and many who call themselves Christians will abandon the faith for a false religion.

There are Christians on the right and the left who believe in a teaching of “Christian Dominionism”. On the left they are led by people like Jim Wallis—people who believe that it is man’s responsibility to free the world of all evil before Jesus can return. In Wallis’ own words to me: “We have to have a pristine planet before Jesus can return”.

But on the right—the conservative side—there are some who hold similar beliefs. They believe God has given man the authority to rid the world of evil by conquering institutions of government, politics, media, business and education.

Both of these teachings fly in the face of biblical prophecy. So let’s try to make some sense out of this mess. The bible tells us man will grow increasingly evil in the final days. The world will be faced with chaos and will try to unite under one called the anti-christ. He will marshal the forces of the world to do battle with Jesus and will be crushed. Jesus will vanquish evil and establish His everlasting Kingdom.

So dominionism is a futile quest—whether it is from the right or the left. However, we do have a responsibility in these final days. We have a responsibility to stand up for the truth and purity of God’s Word. We have a responsibility to do all we can to elect representatives who will not trash the teachings of God. We have a responsibility when we vote to vote on issues important to God—not just those that affect our pocketbook.

Responsibility and involvement in politics—yes. Allowing it to consume us and take our focus off of God’s Word—no. Thinking we can change how God says the story is going to end? Heaven forbid!