An old style alarm clock.

Allow us to give you a little peek behind the scenes here at Stand Up For the Truth.  We receive many phone calls, letters and emails thanking us for the show as we shine the light on attacks on the church and the purity of God’s Word.  There is no doubt that God is using this show to alert Christians to false teachers infecting the body and pointing people back to God’s Word as the only source of absolute truth.

However we do receive some negative feedback and it always seems to have a central theme:  That we are impeding unity in the body.  Well, let’s talk about that for a moment.  The Word of God is pure and totally sufficient for Christians as a blueprint for how we should live and what the church should look like.  But movements like the emergent church, social justice, New Age and now Chrislam, are trying to chip away at God’s Word and create a new church and a new set of Christian beliefs.  They are like a virus attacking the body—and now that they have succeeded in infiltrating it, they call for unity and coexistence within the body.

Now, it’s one thing if this virus was just small, like a cold, where we could wait it out until it left the system.  But what is infecting the Body of Christ is not simply a cold—it is more like pneumonia.  And if it’s not identified and treated, it will do severe damage to the Body causing many to grow sick and abandon the faith.

It’s extremely important we understand the modus operandi of groups like the emergent church.  Infect the body by questioning the nature and character of God; get a foothold in the church through naïve leadership; spread the infection through our youth and new idealistic Christians; and when Watchmen stand up and point to the infection, complain that we are the ones who are being divisive.  That’s kind of like complaining that the physician who diagnosed your disease is responsible for it.

Look, no doubt, there are insignificant issues Christians fight about that we shouldn’t.  But there are issues worth drawing a line in the sand over.  And when New Age practices, Chrislam, or the teachings of emergent leaders like Rob Bell or Brian McLaren infect a local church a line must be drawn and defended.

In Ezekiel 33, God ordains Ezekiel as a Watchman.  He says if the watchman does not sound the alarm, the blood of the fallen will be on the watchman’s hands.  God goes on to say if the people do not heed the watchman’s call, the wicked man will die for his sins.  Well there are Watchmen all around us sounding the alarm, and it is up to each of us to decide if we heed their call or ignore it.

This is not simply a cold infecting the Body of Christ—it is pneumonia, threatening to kill many cells within the body and render the body impotent to carry out its mission.  Leaders and Pastors, no more time to ride the fence hoping this crisis will pass.  Choose this day if you will fight the infection—or be a part of it.