I can hardly believe we’re halfway through our 10th month doing this radio program. The blessing for me is that it has been an incredibly rich learning experience. Not that it’s been an easy endeavor by any means! Then there is the feedback–both positive and negative– we are getting. We appreciate it, and we need to hear it.

In radioland, you have no idea who is tuning in. Most radio stations are aware of their local broadcast reach, but when you add Internet live streaming and podcast capability to the equation, anyone, anywhere can tune in to hear a radio station’s programming. So it’s pretty cool when you hear from listeners in other parts of the nation and the world, like Tucson, Southern California, Canada and Sweden.

Today we received a wonderfully affirming email from a new listener in South Dakota:

I work as a contractor, for the next 5 days anyway [the contract ended], here at Ellsworth AFB and found your station while seeking for a streaming Christian broadcast that wasn’t blocked by our strict internet access. I can’t even get the local station here to stream. The policy says we are allowed to listen to steaming music but SOOOO many of the Christian sites are blocked, so it was a blessing from God to allow me to discover you guys, and I have passed your station and show on to other Christians here in the center. Thank you for all you do as watchmen, pointing to the Truth. As you have said in one of your shows the world is getting sick of all the lies in government and in media, to have a show that points to the truth BOLDLY is very reassuring as a Christian and has lifted my spirits to want to be better than I am. So again, THANK YOU!

No, thank all of you for listening and participating in the conversation. It would be great to just stop this post right here, but the truth is that a lot of you can find plenty of things about this program that concern you. Like the friend who shared his thoughts with Mike yesterday about some concerns he has. Yes, we need to hear that feedback so that this team can do a “gut check.” It helps us to remember to ask the important questions of ourselves and each other: Are we on the right track? Are our motives about educating and empowering listeners to stand firm in their faith in God’s Word? Or is something else going on? In any ministry it can be oh so easy to lose sight of the mission and intent, just as it is in each of our personal journeys in living a Christ-cenetered life. We welcome your concerns, suggestions and your prayers and feedback. Just email us at comments@standupforthetruth.com, or call us.