The future of the Body of Christ is with our young people. Today’s youth want Christianity and Christian leaders who are authentic, and faith that is not forced and allows for questions. How can we nurture the next generation when, among the many things that tickle the ears (for youth AND older, seasoned Christians):

  • New age or feel-good spirituality
  • Sinner’s Prayer mentality
  • Salvation is a goal rather than a means to holiness
  • Social justice trumps sound doctrine

Today we’re talking about how young people are shaping the future of the Church. Do they have the right understanding of doctrine? What happens if they don’t? Youth pastor Jeff Strommen from HopeNet 360 and Kevin Griswold and Matthew Buchs from Fields of Faith join us for this lively discussion.

If you live near the Green Bay, Wisconsin area and would like to participate in Fields of Faith event on Wednesday, October 12, click here.

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