As some have suggested, the Emergent Church Movement is not what it was five or ten years ago, and in fact is evolving into a new era of new Age spirituality and philosophies. Although many churches are now embracing practices such as contemplative prayer, labyrinths and other mystical teachings, both Christians and non-Christians are finding new ways to connect with the spiritual through book authors, television celebrities and spiritual gurus. This trend is growing, and one we want to watch.

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A blogger at World Church Trends and Bible Prophecy asks in his article titled, New Age Christians applauding as believers are thrown to the lions:

“How can there be any hope for America when many in America calling themselves Christians are also promoting and even embracing New Spirituality/New Age doctrines? We might expect that from unbelievers in America but we have people who claim to be Christians promoting and believing Satanic doctrines?”

Today we’re kicking off a series of shows dedicated to helping Christ followers understand this new spirituality and why it is leading many believers away from Truth. Our hope is that you will take away information and resources that will help you prepare for a time when even the elect are deceived.