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I am 57 years old.  I have lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis, Watergate, The economic malaise under President Carter, and the renewed hope under Ronald Reagan.

I lived and served our nation during the Viet Nam war era and was on high alert when Arab nations, supported by the Soviet Union, attacked and almost destroyed Israel.  I watched our nation experience the horrible attacks of 9/11.  I now see Islam spreading throughout the country and naïve Christian leaders reaching out to find common ground and compromise with a religion that denies Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

I have seen a lot in my 57 years as an American—but what I am seeing now is unlike anything I have ever seen before.  It is like this nation is dying the death of a thousand cuts.  Huge debt is crippling us and the government has an appetite for more and more debt.  The government is unable or unwilling to lead the nation back to prosperity, instead seemingly doing all it can to suck the energy right out of the economy with its massive deficit spending.  Our media and public schools seem to be doing all they can to marginalize Christianity while promoting the agenda of Islam and Humanism.

Our great nation, founded on the belief in God and on His laws, has turned our backs on him and told Him “We’ll take it from here”.  God disciplines us, asking us to repent of our wicked ways, and we thumb our noses at him.

And the church—the Body of Christ in this country—seems willing to sit back and act as if nothing is happening.  We sat silently as abortion devastated millions of unborn children, because it didn’t affect us personally.  We sat on our hands as the radical homosexual movement infiltrated our churches, because our perverted definition of love is tolerance and acceptance, even of sin.  And besides, who are we to judge?

And let’s face facts—as a whole Christians are no different than the majority of American voters—we are willing to sacrifice our principles to politicians who promise us an easier life—even at the price of staggering debt our children will one day drown in.  We don’t dare stand up on the issues of abortion and gay marriage because the world will see us as unloving and judgmental.

Fellow Believers, things are changing at breakneck speed—and I think we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.  We could wake up one morning to a world we do not recognize.  A world where our prideful bravado about loving Jesus more than anything could well be challenged.  A world where we will have to choose who we serve—God or money—unless you have figured out a way to prove Jesus a liar when he said we could not serve both.

Where does our heart and hope lie—in God or things of this world?  Are we genuine Christians who love the Lord our God through thick and thin?  Or are we façade Christians who love and trust him as long as things are going our way?

Hey, maybe I’m wrong—it sure wouldn’t be the first time.  Maybe this is just a minor change our society is going through economically, socially and spiritually.  Maybe our political leaders are ready to bring real hope and change back to our nation.  Maybe Christians aren’t compromising our faith for popularity.   Maybe our nation is getting ready to repent of our sinful ways and return to God.

Yes, maybe I’m wrong…but what if I’m not?  Are we prepared for what might await us?  Are we placing our hope in things of man instead of God?  Are we prepared to follow Jesus even if it costs us everything?  Yes, I admit I could be wrong…but what if I’m not?  Are we ready?