Båstad riots 1968.We shared two articles this morning directly relating to the Catholic Church—one on a call for a new world financial order and the other on how American Catholics seem to be distancing themselves from the Vatican’s authority and teachings on several subjects.  But these issues are not only facing the Catholic Church, but many denominations of Christianity.

We can and should critique the Pope’s call for world wide wealth distribution through a new world financial system, but the same thing is being pushed by several evangelical leaders like Jim Wallis and Brian McLaren.  This movement toward world wide socialism while demonizing capitalism, is at the top of the agenda for several Christian denominations and organizations and must be called out for what it is—another in a series of moves to usher in the one world religion of the antichrist.  Will Catholic leadership play a role?  Yes.  But so will some Evangelicals, Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists and Presbyterians.

And the article about more American Catholics picking and choosing which church doctrines to follow and which to ignore is hardly a “Catholic only” issue.  A growing number of people who call themselves Christians are picking and choosing which parts of the bible to follow and which to ignore.  Case in point the many denominations and churches ordaining homosexual pastors and performing homosexual marriages.  And truth be told, every one of us as Christians choose to ignore some teachings of God, giving in to temptation and our flesh.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the traditional battle we have fought picking at other denominations is being replaced with a more important battle.  Every Christian denomination is faced with an internal battle—one between Christians who believe the bible is the truth and Christians who are discounting the bible and seeking their own version of the truth—one where they see God’s nature and character as they want it to be rather than what He has clearly stated it is.

I am convinced the one world religion coming will be comprised heavily of fake Christians from every denomination who discount the written Word of God and teach a false gospel—one that Paul said is not really a gospel at all.  A false gospel where we define God as we want him to be;  a false gospel that points to ways other than Jesus for eternal life;  a false gospel where man is in essence our own god.

By all means we need to challenge one another’s beliefs as Christians and hold those beliefs up to the Word of God.  But we also need to understand the big picture and how Satan is laying out his battle plan.  Jesus said that in the end times many would stray from the true faith.  And sadly Christians of every denomination will fall for Satan’s lies and go over to the dark side.