God the Father

Jesus commands us to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.  This is the greatest commandment.  But can we really love someone at that level if we don’t really know them?

Generally, the most successful marriages are where the man and woman take time to really know and understand each other before they get married.  They learn of each others character, behaviors, desires, fears and longings.  Once they get to know each other very well, they can make a proper decision about a lifetime commitment in marriage.

I think of that old song from the sixties that says “to know you is to love you”.  But these days statistics show that even a majority of people calling themselves born again believers do not believe the bible is absolute truth.  God has taken the time to speak to us and show us his nature and character, but we don’t take the time to learn about him or listen.  We are falling in to a very dangerous trap—thinking we can pick and choose which characteristics of God we want to believe in—and which we can discount.  We are consciously choosing to NOT know God.  And yet we claim that we love Him.

Many are choosing to believe God would never judge anyone—even when He has clearly stated he will.  We are choosing to believe that there are many paths to God through many religions—even though Jesus clearly said He is the only way to the Father.  Because of our desire to be seen as loving and tolerant, we are reaching out to false religions and movements and trying to find common ground.

Think about the “Common Word Between Us” document we discussed on this show.  Naïve Christian leaders telling Muslim leaders these two religions have much in common even though Islam denies that Jesus is the Son of God.  This arrogant, ignorant act is undermining thousands of dedicated Christians seeking to reach out to Muslims with the true gospel of salvation.  These missionaries are placing their lives in danger—and they are being undercut by Christian leaders willing to compromise with religions that worship a false god.

To love God we must really come to know God.  And we do that by studying His Word and hiding it in our hearts.  There is so much to love about God—perfect love, perfect wisdom and perfect judgment.  He has given us a simple path to eternal life if we will just love Him more than anything and place our faith and trust in Jesus, His Son.  To know Him is to love Him.  Take time this day to start dedicating time every day where we come into His Word and learn more about this all powerful, all loving God.