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Like many communities in our nation, Green Bay is seeing a tremendous influx of Muslim refugees from countries like Somalia.  New mosques are being built and Islam is fast becoming a religion that is growing and attracting new converts.

In Europe, Islam has grown through immigration to a point where several studies state that by as early as 2025, Islam may be the largest religion in Germany, France and England.  While not growing at that pace here in America, the Muslim population is growing and becoming a factor in every day life in our nation.

I find myself thinking from several perspectives on the growth of Islam in our communities.  As a Christian, I understand that my responsibility is to not act out of fear.  I am to love all men and reach out to Muslims with the truth and hope of Jesus Christ and his saving gospel.  With every new Muslim immigrant comes an opportunity to bring one more person into the kingdom of the one true God.

But as an American, I admit I do feel some angst on the issue.  The history of Islam in Africa and Europe show a very dangerous trend.  While in the minority, Muslims are taught in the Koran and Hadith to smile outwardly at their enemies, but never love them in their hearts; to be peaceful when in the minority, but as they become a significant percentage of the population to push harder for the goal of Sharia law.

Brigitte Gabriel, in her book “Because They Hate”, documents life in Lebanon as a little girl.  At that time, Muslims were in the minority and Christians were the largest religion.  Brigitte describes her Muslim neighbors as kind and wonderful neighbors.  But she says one day Muslims had grown in numbers of strength and the call to Jihad went out.  These Muslims who were kind and loving suddenly turned on Christians and murdered them by the thousands.

So how do we reconcile our principles as Christians and Americans in the face of growing Islam?  I’m not sure I have the answer to that one yet.  As a Christian, I know our battle is not against the flesh, but against powers and principalities in the heavenly realms.  I am to not hate any man and reach out to all in love with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  But as an American who loves what this nation has stood for, I am concerned that what happened in Lebanon might happen in our nation one day.

So what is the answer to the dilemma we face as Christians in America?  How do we reconcile our biblical mandate for love of all men when there may be a growing threat to our religious freedom as Christians?  I struggle with that dilemma.  But I know the one thing we cannot afford to do as Christians—stick our heads in the sand and pretend nothing is happening.  We did that with abortion—and this year more than 1 million children will be killed.  We did it with the radical homosexual movement—and today more and more church denominations are accepting gay marriage as normal and even pleasing in God’s eyes.

And sadly, we are doing it again with the growth of Islam in our communities.  We are ignoring the challenges and the opportunities that are presented.  And if our pattern of laziness and ignorance continues, one day we will wake up and things will have changed dramatically.  And knowing human nature, we will look up and ask God how He could let this happen to us?

I don’t have all the answers, but I know the One that does.  And we better seek His counsel in prayer and worship before something very tragic happens.