Jezebel is the Phoenician queen of ancient Israel.

There is a great seduction going on—one that is very dangerous and we need to wake up to it quickly.  The Church in America seems to be under the spell of a modern day Jezebel.  She is seducing us into a false sense of what it means to be a Christian.

She is whispering in our ear, telling us the path to salvation is really much wider than Jesus said it was.  That God is a god of love and would never judge anyone—certainly never allow anyone to face eternal damnation.  That Christianity really should be a “big tent religion”, accepting of others beliefs.  That the Issa of the Koran is the same as Jesus of the bible.

She is telling us that there may be many paths to God.  That to believe that anything could be absolute truth is the height of arrogance.  She is whispering in our ear through authors like Brian McLaren who tell us we need a “new Christianity”.  That the Word of God is insufficient as the foundation of the church.

She is whispering in our ear through Christian leaders who are embracing eastern mysticism and bringing in Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus into our church to teach about physical and spiritual health.

She is whispering in our ear through doctrines like Replacement Theology—a doctrine that teaches the church has replaced Israel as God’s chosen people.  A doctrine that calls God a liar when He promised His covenant with Israel would last forever.

She is whispering in our ear when she tells Christians that our responsibility as disciples of Jesus ends when we say the sinners’ prayer and are baptized.

She is whispering in the ears of too many church leaders willing to sacrifice doctrine and difficult teachings for church growth.

Oh that Jezebel is quite a temptress!  She appeals to our flesh in so many ways.  She is a seductive siren, luring men in with words that tickle the ears.  But as time moves forward she will show her true nature.  She is the great whore of Babylon foretold in the Book of Revelation.  She will lure lukewarm Christians into the one world religion supporting antichrist as he comes to power.

She has far too many Christians and Christian leaders under her spell in these final days.  I hope and pray we will wake up soon before many more are lured to destruction by her seductive ways.  I hope and pray our Christian leaders will stand up and call her out for the evil seductress she is.  It will take courage and a bold heart, unwilling to compromise or run from the battle any longer.  Pray for our Pastors and leaders that they will have the courage to do that which might be very unpopular—refusing to compromise on God’s Word.