An old style alarm clock.

Every day on this show we state our purpose:  We share news and opinions on issues that affect our Christian faith and we point you to the Word of God as the only source of absolute truth we can count on.  We encourage you to not take anything we or our guests say as absolute truth—but to be excellent Bereans as Paul commended in Acts 17.

I know from time to time we hit some nerves in this show.  We have guests who say some very controversial things and are outspoken in their beliefs.  Like yesterday with the Sola Sisters—two sisters who came out of the occult and New Age and now see how some Christians seem to be embracing New Age teachings.  They have some very strong opinions on the effectiveness of deliverance ministries within Christianity.  Are they overly sensitive or critical

and throwing out the baby with the bath water?  That is for you as a Christian to decide by searching the scriptures and testing everything you hear against the Word of God.

We hear from people around the country who say this show is unlike most Christian talk shows out there.  Many of them feel Christian talk radio has become mushy, feel good theology, choosing to ignore tough issues in favor of just getting along and appeasing the world.  Well that is not what God has asked us to do with this show.  We have been called to sound the alarm and wake Christians out of our sleep.  The enemy is emboldened in these final days and as Jesus and Paul prophesied, many false teachers are coming forward tickling the ears of Christians with what they want  to hear instead of what they need  to hear.

Trust me, it would be much easier to do shows that do not address false teachings and controversial issues.  But we believe God has called us to do this show for such a time as this; a time when only one third of self-professed born again Christians believe the bible is absolute truth; a time when the church in America often seems to look more like the world than the Bride of Christ; a time when more and more Christians are not taking Jesus’ call to holiness seriously; a time when confusing teachings seem to be watering down the true gospel or replacing it completely.

We hope this show continues to challenge you and maybe at times even irritate you.  But most importantly I hope it does for you what it is doing for me—driving me back to the Word of God and heeding Paul’s call to be a good Berean—trusting nothing of man and always measuring it against the Word of God.

This show can be like that irritating alarm clock that goes off every morning, waking us from our sleep and getting us up for work.  We can choose to wake up—or hit the snooze button and ignore our responsibilities as Christians in a world that is turning more and more evil—and more and more distant from God’s truth.  So by all means question and challenge everything you hear from us or our guests.  Never take anything we or they say as absolute truth.  Go to God’s Word and test everything you hear or believe against the bible—the only place for absolute truth.