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Let’s be honest with ourselves…how many times have we just not wanted to attend our local church on a Sunday morning?  Maybe stay home and relax, recharge the batteries and just do nothing.  But we get up, get going, and prepare ourselves for a time of worship with our local fellowship of believers.

But wait a minute—now you have another option!  You can stay home, heck even leave the church and stop paying that annoying tithe, and get your spirituality every Sunday morning on the Oprah Winfrey Network!  You can hear stories of frustrated people leaving the Christian faith to find God on their own terms.  You can hear stories of how spirits have told people there is no reason to look externally for God—hey, you are god and you have been all along.

You can begin to study “A Course in Miracles” and learn that Jesus was not the Son of God—he was a great teacher who came to show you that you are already divine—you just never realized it.

You can listen to Sufi Masters who will enlighten you and awake the god within you.  You can discover how Reiki meditation can channel spirits and energy to bring you greater peace and calm in your daily life.

Life will get so much easier in so many ways.  You can discard all that stuff Jesus said about Him being the way, the truth and the life and discover there are many paths to God—so just pick the one that fits in best with your life and schedule.  Stop worrying about how narrow that path to eternal life is—heck it’s an eight lane superhighway and you can just cruise to eternal life.

No need to be a Berean and check everything you hear against scripture—Oprah and her friends will tell you everything you need to know and do.

The sad thing is this:  Millions are falling for Oprah’s teachings.  And now through her own television network and the internet, she will reach many more.  And the timing of her popularity is exactly what Satan could hope for.  A great tool to reach all the self-centered people out there, even those in our churches.

Actually, I feel great sadness for Oprah.  She was born into a Southern Baptist family but somewhere along the line she crossed a line and started down a very dark path.  She seems to be a very nice person and I think she truly believes she is doing the world a great service with her message.  How sad for her when she dies and stands before the King of Kings and learns everything she believes is a lie.

But hey church, no need to worry.  I’m sure Oprah’s spiritual classes are just a passing fad.  All those shows with Buddhists, Muslims and Hindu teachers showing people new enlightenment and the way to holistic health would never affect the church.  I mean what pastor would ever invite Hindus, Buddhists or Muslim Sufis into his church to teach the congregation; well, does Saddleback Church and The Daniel Plan ring a bell?