English: cell phoneThings are certainly getting crazy in the world.  When you look at economic instability, rising tensions in the Middle East, and the collective hearts of mankind turning cold toward God, it is not hard to discern that we might be approaching our final years before our Savior returns.

Jesus said that in these final days many false teachers and prophets would arise, so Christians need to be spiritually discerning.  But Jesus also said that in those days his true followers would worship him in spirit and truth.  With the growth of the internet and satellite television, all of us can suffer from information overload these days and there is no shortage of teachings or opinions on Christianity.  Christian teachers telling us we need to conquer the world’s institutions for God; others saying we are not to worry about the world at all.  Some preaching God wants you to prosper financially these days; others saying hunker down because things are going to get tough for true Christians.

But all this confusion is only a symptom of the real problem.  The real problem is this:  Christians, as a whole, are biblically illiterate!  We have become lazy and dependent on a preacher or a television evangelist for our theology and doctrine.  We just don’t take the time to go to the one true source—the Word of God.

The other day we shared an email a listener sent in asking “what if we depended on our bible as much as we depended on our cell phone?”  Well, what would  happen if we became as dependent on our bibles as we are on our cell phones or iPads?  Imagine what would happen if large numbers of Christians really studied God’s Word and hid it in our hearts where the enemy could not distort it.

Well, that is a challenge we better start taking very seriously because false doctrines and teachings are on the rise and many very much tickle our ears with things that sound so wonderful, but lead to problems and destruction.  A pastor friend of mine always reminds me that the best way to identify a counterfeit is to know the real thing very well.  Wise advice we need to take to heart.  So we will keep alerting you to potential counterfeit threats out there—and you keep taking everything you hear to the Word of God—the only source of absolute truth we have.

And caution: failure to do so can lead to very dire and eternal consequences.