We are hearing from new listeners around the world that tell us this show is going places no other show is going, tackling tough issues of our Christian faith.  And we will continue to do so, hoping to educate Christians about the challenges we face and always pointing you right back to the Word of God as your only source of absolute truth.

And a subject that is growing and will not go away is the growth of Islam in our communities.  Now, Muslims who are here legally have every right to be here.  America is a nation of immigrants from virtually every country, ethnicity and religious belief.  And we must not act out of fear when Muslims become our neighbors and fellow citizens.

Having said that, our new Muslim neighbors must understand why some people get concerned over their growth in population in our communities.  Their Koran does call for forced submission to Allah and portions of it condone violence to achieve that goal.  And sadly very few moderate Muslim leaders in our nation have ever condemned the acts of violence perpetrated upon innocent citizens by Islamic radicals.  So the concern and heightened awareness of many Americans is understandable.

But that brings us to our response as bible believing, born again Christians.  We are called to be distinct and separate from the world and our actions towards Muslims must be the same.  Instead of looking at Muslims in our community as a threat, we must look at them as an opportunity to share the true gospel of salvation with them.  We must be willing to share our faith and hope with them and tell them who Jesus Christ really is—the Son of the one true God who sacrificed his life for our sins.

And that is what concerns me about the cowardly, ignorant response of the evangelical leaders who signed on to the “Common Word Between Us” document that embraces so called “common beliefs” between Muslims and Christians.  In my opinion, these leaders, including Wallis, McLaren and Warren, caved in to political correctness over the truth of the bible.  Instead of confronting in love leaders of a false religion with the truth of the bible, these leaders chose to compromise the truth of God’s Word to appear to be loving and enlightened.  Sorry, but I expect more from people who claim to be leaders for God.

The Muslim, like any other non-believer, needs to hear the truth of the bible.  And Jesus’ last words on earth was a command to “go make disciples of all nations…”.  But apparently, making friends is more important than making disciples to some of our leaders these days.

The growth of Islam in our communities is not going away.  And Christians need to understand our biblical responsibility toward them and all non-believers—to share the truth, even if that truth is a painful, offensive message at times.  To do less than that is not loving them—quite frankly it is the opposite of loving them—it is not caring about them.  Real love is caring enough to tell someone what they need  to hear, not just what they want to hear.

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