Last Saturday while visiting family in Missouri, I was up as usual around 4am.  I brewed myself a cup of coffee and started reading the books by the minor prophets in the Old Testament when I felt God beckon me to just close my eyes and reflect on His Word and the first year of Stand Up For the Truth.  As I did this I heard the very faint sound of a train in the distance, blowing its horn as it approached intersections on its way through Warrensburg where we were staying.

The horns grew louder as the train approached Warrensburg.  When the train finally arrived the horns were quite loud as the train announced its journey through the sleepy community.  I remember thinking how hauntingly beautiful it was to hear this train at a

time of total darkness when I was one of only a few awake in the entire city.  And then the Lord, in that quiet voice we hear in our hearts when we connect with him in prayer, revealed this to me:  “To you and those awake, that train’s sound is beautiful.  To those still sleeping it is very irritating

as it wakes them out of their deep sleep.  That train symbolizes the truth of my Word these days.  To those who are awake, it is beautiful.  To those sleeping, it is annoying and irritating.”

So I pose these questions:  Is the Word of God, with its uplifting and challenging message a beautiful sound to your ears?  Or is it irritating?  As God tries to wake up those who are sleeping within the church, have you elected to put blinders on your eyes and plugs in your ears because you want to stay sleeping?  Or are you heeding the wake up call that the harvest is plentiful but the workers few in these final days?

Pastors, are you preaching from the Word of God these days or are you more interested in tickling ears for nickels and noses?  Is your church a “purpose driven church”?  Or a Word of God driven church?  Elders, are you putting undo pressure on your pastor for larger numbers and a larger financial offering?  Or are you encouraging and supporting the

m to stand firmly teaching the complete gospel, challenging those they lead to pursue a life of holiness and walk away from their sinful nature?

Those who attend our churches—are you grieved and irritated when your pastor challenges you to walk in greater holiness, preferring a message that is what you want to hear  instead of what you need to hear?

Folks, that train is headed down the track at a high speed.  Jesus is sending out His messengers to tell the people to wake up!  The horn on that train is growing louder and louder as it approaches.  Will we choose to curse the sound of the horn and keep our eyes and ears covered, wishing to stay sleeping?  Or will we wake up with great anticipation and passion t

o share the complete gospel with the lost and prepare ourselves for the final days before He returns?  Wish as you might, but that train horn is not going away—and it is growing louder and louder as our Savior approaches.  We can choose to stay sleeping—or wake up with great anticipation of what lies ahead.

The choice is yours—and so are the consequences.