Whom does God call men to be, as fathers and husbands? Are the fathers in this generation misrepresenting God?

We know that some 24.7 million American children live without their biological fathers, and that more than 60 percent of youth suicides, 90 percent of all homeless and runaway children, and 85 percent of all youths in prisons come from fatherless homes.

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There is an incredible movie in theaters right now  called Courageous. that shows us what happens when the biblical model of fatherhood is not followed, and how to get back on track. Courageous is a faith-based film about four police officers in Albany, Ga., who give their best to their job–but some are hardly putting in any effort to being a father.

It is a rallying cry for men of this generation to man up and step up to their leadership responsibilities as dads.  With us today is the film’s creator, Stephen Kendrick, who also directed the movie.