As we look at all the false teachings out there these days and the threats to the church in America, I have this little thing I do where I try to assess the seriousness of these threats and how much time we should spend studying them.  Well the “New Atheism” is perhaps not an overt threat to committed Believers today because these people are of the world and don’t really deserve a lot of our attention or concern.  For any discerning Christian, it is easy to see through their garbage.   But when you peel back the onion a little and look at their target audience, there is reason to be plenty concerned as we look into the future.

Their target audience is really youth and young adults, and quite frankly, the emergent church audience.  Young people who have become frustrated with religion and Christianity in particular, and are looking for a new system of beliefs.  These people look at the failures of the American church and are open to new ideas about what life should look like.  They are primed for new ideas, no matter how dangerous those ideas may be.

When you look at the New Atheism’s alliance with many in the scientific community, there is reason to be concerned for our youth.  No it is no secret that the public education system as championed by the NEA is promoting anti-Christian teachings and rhetoric.  And in spite ofthe efforts of many solid Christian teachers, there is only so much influence these teachers can have in a public classroom.  So as science and New Atheism team up to “enlighten” our youth on issues like evolution and new scientific theories on the age of the earth, dinosaurs and whatever, our youth are being set up for a huge fall.  After 16 years of indoctrination in public schools once they graduate college, our youth come out jaded about religion and the world as a whole.  They are ripe pickings for atheism or alternative spirituality to that taught in the bible.

So how do we fight against it?  By parenting and mentoring  our Christian youth in the Word of God, helping them to establish a solid foundation of biblical beliefs so they can fend off the vast secular attack they will face in public education and secular media.  Are we taking the time as parents to have quality discussions with our children about God and where the world is headed?  Or have we de facto outsourced the moral and educational upbringing of our children to a public education system that does not hide its disdain for God?  In our churches, are we spending time with our youth in the Word of God and having meaningful discussions about life and God’s answers to it?  Or are we busy trying to be “cool” and “relevant” by sipping Starbucks coffee and talking about the newest i-phone or video games?

Jesus had a special place in his heart for children.  He loved their open honesty and pureness of heart.  And he severely warned us that if we brought harm to these little ones, we would face an angry God.  Fellow Christians, do not fall asleep at the wheel when it comes to our youth.  As a church we face a coming crisis of enormous magnitude if we do not biblically invest in our children starting now!  It is up to our churches and their leaders to recognize this problem and develop a plan to counter the dangerous teachings our children are being taught.  But hey if you want to just ignore the problem blowing it off as nothing important, be prepared to face the consequences as young people find their ‘spirituality” outside of the church.  And be prepared to answer to God for neglecting our children because we were too busy doing something else.  You know, God always gives us a choice in these matters—but our choices do have consequences.