English: The mounts of the hand used in palm r...Psychics and mediums are jut as popular today as they were thousands of years ago, and God is very clear about avoiding any type of sorcery. Many Christians view things like palm reading, hypnosis, yoga, energy healings and the like as harmless fun. But is there really any spiritual power in these things? What about contacting the dead?

Today we’re talking about biblical examples like Saul and the Medium at Endor in 1Samuel 28, the girl with the spirit of divination in Acts 16, the story Jesus told about Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16, and more. What does the Word have to say about contacting the dead…even if we could? What about the New Year “prophecies”?

Our special guest, Johanna Michaelsen, was deceived by very dark forces when she was just a little girl. Even after she dedicated her life to the Lord, the occult had a strong grip on her soul. Johanna’s “fellowship” with demons brought her indescribable depression and despair.

Johanna is the author of the book, The Beautiful Side of Evil, and is a contributor to the highly-recommended watchman DVD series, Wide Is The Gate. Connect with Johanna’s Facebook Page.

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