This year on Stand Up For the Truth, we’ve covered the gamut of issues challenging the church in America.  There are the external threats like Islam, humanism and the New Age Movement infiltrating the church—and the internal issues like the social justice and emergent church movement.  We hope this show is leading Christians to be thoughtful Bereans, taking everything they hear from anyone and searching the scriptures to confirm or refute.

I do want to take a few minutes to share a message with those Christians who are a part of social justice or emergent movements—and that message is we love you.  And we know you are seeking God in a world that is deteriorating rapidly.  While we may disagree with the message of these movements, we understand the world today is a confusing place.  We do not stand in judgment of your salvation—we know only God can truly know a man’s heart and he alone is qualified to judge who will spend eternal life with him.

Our hope is you will join us in our quest to be ‘thoughtful Bereans”, holding every teaching against the written Word of God.  God gave us His Word so we had a never failing benchmark for absolute truth and to be armed against the subtle lies and half truths of the enemy who seeks to kill and destroy.  And there are issues Christians will always disagree on because none of us can completely understand God and his ways.

So whether you are Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, Charasmatic, Pentacostal or Evangelical, you are welcome to be a part of our family on Stand Up For the Truth as we seek the truth in these troubling times.  Whether you are a conservative or progressive Christian; Democrat, Republican or Independent; there is room for respectful disagreement as together we seek the absolute truth of God he has revealed in His Word.  What we know for sure is this:  When each of us stands before God, all of us will fall short of his glory and will be guilty of getting some things wrong.

So, let’s continue to debate, discuss and respectfully argue with one another on biblical issues.  Iron sharpens iron, and we all need some sharpening.  But as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior this weekend, let’s stand united in this:  That God so loved the world, he sent his only begotten Son to die as a sacrifice for our sins and point us to the gift of eternal life for those who accept and believe in Him.  Regardless of where we stand on many issues, that is one thing we can all hopefully agree on.