Repent! Jesus is coming soonIn Matthew Chapter 25, Jesus responds to the Apostles’ inquiry as to when the final days would come.  Jesus responded by saying that only the Father knows the designated time but that we could discern the season by observing and knowing His Word.

Now people in every generation have thought that surely they might see the return of Jesus, and warned people to be prepared.  And that has caused us to become numb to warnings we receive from biblical scholars these days.  But there are some crucial differences that make today’s warnings worthy of deep consideration.

First, the Jewish people have returned to their land after 2,000 years of being scattered around the world.  Second, a careful study of the prophetic books of the bible show that things might well be lining up for the great battle that will usher in the antichrist and a one world religion and government.  So, let’s assume we are in the final days before Jesus returns:  what do we do about it?

Work to change things?  Well, just how does one do enough to overturn biblical prophecy and its proven 100% historical accuracy?

Withdraw from the world, hoping to escape the coming crisis?  Good luck with that one.

Panic?  Why would we panic?  What is so scary about Jesus returning to vanquish evil and bring us home to him for eternity?

What we do is this:  Prepare our hearts for his return.  Allow the Holy Spirit to purify and prepare us for the events ahead.  Ask God to strengthen us and give us the wisdom and courage to reach out to people with the gospel of salvation as their world begins to crumble around them.  As the world’s institutions and governments are exposed for what they are, evil institutions of man, people will be hungry to grasp on to something they know is true, real and dependable.  The only one who can claim all those characteristics is God!

And let’s not forget what Jesus said about separating the sheep from the goats in these final days.  “Many who call me Lord, I will look at them and say ‘I never knew you’”.  Do you know him?  I mean really  know him?  Is he your savior?  Or your Lord  and savior?  Is he your greatest love?  Or a convenient love when everything in this world disappoints you?

And whether the rapture of believers will happen today, next year or one hundred years from now is really just not that important.  Because every one of us will experience earthly death and stand before him in judgment one day soon.  Do you know his voice?  Do you know him and really love him more than anything?  Your eternal destiny hangs in the balance.