So why are we discussing Tim Tebow on Stand Up For the Truth?  Now, I admit to being a huge football fan, but that really has little to do with why we are discussing Tim Tebow.  Tebow is a controversial Christian, being praised by some Christians—even Jews and Muslims—while being criticized by many, including Christians who think he is too blatant and pushy.  But here is the real reason I am fascinated with the Tim Tebow story:  Because in some ways, I think he defines what the church in America is going through and will see increasing during the coming years.

Tebow is completely unashamed of his dedication to Jesus Christ—a trait sadly lacking in many self-professed Christians these days.  This dedication is bringing him enemies and haters, just waiting for him to fail as an NFL Quarterback.  He is a man playing football, a violent sport, in a way totally opposite of how men have been taught to play it.  He lacks the traditional characteristics of the prototypical NFL Quarterback—a gun for an arm and a quick release; he helps opposing players up after a tackle when most will go out of their way to show disrespect or intimidate opposing players.  In a day where most NFL players dream up their next touchdown celebration dance, Tebow just hands the ball to the official and kneels and gives thanks to God.  Instead of crowing about how great he is in press conferences after another miracle comeback, Tebow praises Jesus Christ and reminds everyone the team won as a unit–not just because of Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow is loved or hated as a football player—and he is loved or hated as a man of God.  And wait—just wait—until Tim Tebow goes through a rough stretch and the team loses.  The world will jump all over him.  Just like the world, and even some who call themselves Christians, are waiting to jump on those of us who stand firmly on the truth of God’s Word.  But Tim Tebow does not define himself by his success as an NFL player—he defines himself by his love and commitment to Jesus Christ.

If Tim Tebow’s professional career as an NFL Quarterback comes crashing down around him, or if he becomes wildly successful and rich, will he stand firm in his commitment to Jesus Christ?  My bet is ‘yes”.  What about the rest of us as Christians?  Whether faced with economic calamity or great wealth; popularity or being hated; will we remain committed to Jesus and the truth of His Word?  Time will tell…