christmas 2007

I admit to having mixed feelings this time of year when Christians are hollering about the “War on Christmas”.  No, there is no doubt this war is real, but our response bothers me on a couple fronts.

First, some Christians get carried away with a spirit of offense and get upset over the cashier at our local department store who wishes us “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas”.  It’s not the cashier’s fault if her employer instructs her to use the more generic greeting, but some Christians get in a tizzy and act rude toward the cashier who is just following the boss’s orders, responding with anger as if this person was ruining their entire Christmas experience.  Well, just what does shopping for gifts have to do with Christmas, the time when we celebrate our Savior’s birth?  If the experience of a cashier wishing you “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas” ruins your Christmas joy, I suggest you are trying to find joy in all the wrong places.

Second, it always amazes me when Christians spend 11 months of the year with their heads buried in the sand while abortion kills 1.5 million children, our courts are legalizing gay marriage, and many churches are turning away from God’s Word to be “relevant and seeker friendly”.  But boy does our righteous anger boil when someone doesn’t wish us “merry Christmas” when we are buying expensive gifts we probably can’t afford!  It’s like for 11 months we cower in fear of being seen as narrow minded or judgmental and then suddenly all that rage boils up and we let that cashier have it!

Look, there is no doubt biblical Christianity is under attack in the media, government, the corporate world and sadly even in many so called “Christian” churches.  But why do we just sit back apathetically 11 months out of the year and then just rip on organizations that don’t greet us as we want to be greeted in December?  Why don’t we confront school boards, government officials or even Christian leaders and preachers with the same zeal we attack businesses during the Christmas season?  Because we are lazy and the “war on Christmas” is an easy war to fight.  We complain about it for a few weeks and then we can go back to our normal life, watching biblical Christianity be dismantled systematically in our media, government, public schools and within some of our churches.

If we only had the same passion and zeal for the Word of God every day of our lives that we do over the “war on Christmas”.