English: Pleiades Star Cluster

New Age philosophers and writers are eagerly looking to the Winter Solstice of 2012, and they consider the occult-based Mayan calendar a big turning point in human history.  So is December 21, 2012 the “end of the world,” as some have projected, or nothing at all?

First, you’ll want to read about the events scheduled for December 2012 including a Birth2012 Movement headed by New-Ager Barbara Marx Hubbard, a New Group of World Service meditation festival, and a New Global Consciousnesses meeting in Rome of 300 world religion leaders. Check out this eye-opening document!

Today we examine the facts and mysteries surrounding the 2012 phenomenon with our special guest Gary Kah.  Gary has studied this biblically-prophesied phenomenon and has written two best-selling books detailing his experiences and explaining the goals of the one-world/interfaith movement. His books, En Route to Global Occupation and The New World Religion, are fully documented and are critical in understanding today’s global developments – including the current financial crisis. Check out Gary’s website, Gary Kah.org, here.

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Gary is known for appearing on videos as a thought leader in Prophecy. His latest, 2012: Prophecy or Panic? is an 87-minute professionally done documentary and a MUST for everyone interested in the study of Bible prophecy and gaining discernment on endtime events. It is also an effective tool for witnessing to non-Christians. The subject matter is presented with a non-sensational, balanced approach.