This Sunday will be the 39th anniversary of Roe vs Wade, the Supreme Court Case that legalized abortion. When you look at what has happened just in the past few months on pro-life issues, there are some incredible changes we may see in 2012. Some are positive. We’re asking the question today: How can we in our very busy lives get better at standing up and shining a light in this very dark arena?

Today, we’re looking at how the followers of Jesus—that’s you and me—can help by doing something important in standing up for the unborn. And there are many, many roles to play on the front lines of this effort, and behind the scenes, perhaps even sitting at your computer.

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Today with me in our studio is Pro-Life Wisconsin Development Director Steve Karlen, and Judy Massey from Mother and Unborn Baby Care, and  WomanKind Medical Clinic, a pregnancy resource center that shares love and truth with young women who find themselves in a crisis situation.  Their links are on our website at Stand Up For The Truth.

There are many men and women who suffer pain and guilt and shame because of the lies that are told by pro abortion supporters. Andy by the way, on this show we do not use the words “Pro-Choice,” choosing instead to call supporters of legalized abortion “Pro Abortion,” because that is a true statement, you either are, or you are not. But for those who have suffered the guilt and shame of a decision that is now a deep regret, please know that God’s grace is for you. Only He can heal you and offer forgiveness and freedom. That’s because He sent His only begotten son to be crucified for our sins, all sins, including abortion. So if you or a loved one has been through an abortion, there is no condemnation, but healing and wholeness in Jesus