What happens when people are spiritually abused in their churches? Many Christians feel stuck in a cycle of fear and guilt, either within their own church or without any church to call home. Warnings of divine retribution hold many believers in a bondage of fear, making them afraid to speak out or even question those things they are taught and are witness to.

Our guest today has had the unique opportunity to minister to those who have experienced a spiritual manipulation. He believes there is a time to be in the desert and a time to safely rejoin a Body of believers, back into the freedom and simplicity of Christ Jesus, and to experience again the joy of following Him.

As a member and elder of a Latter Rain church, Kevin Reeves was part of a Signs and Wonders movement that was exciting and different from anything he had ever experienced, but eventually he started seeing different signs of practices and teachings that did not line up with Scripture.

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Kevin describes the spiritual abuse he and others in his church experienced as a polluted river, strewn with the wreckage of human lives and littered with the debris of false doctrine. He is the author of a book titled, The Other Side of the River,  about his experience with the River movement and the research he has done since then to expose it.  Kevin’s website shares his concerns to help the body of Christ to know about the dangers of the “River” movement. It goes by a lot of different names — the River Revival, Latter Rain, The Third Wave — and it is marked by bizarre manifestations, false prophecies and esoteric revelations.