English: Picture of Billboard put up by the Un...It was an amazing week in Oklahoma speaking with Pastors, political leaders and Christian leaders about the challenges the Body of Christ faces in these turbulent times.  A couple discussions and meetings in particular will always stay with me from this wonderful experience.

First, the interesting contrast between how the Christian churches in Oklahoma are fighting the culture war passionately while most churches in Wisconsin sit on the sidelines.  Oklahoma’s Christian leaders are organized, setting aside minor doctrinal issues, to stand up and fight for the rights of the unborn and vigorously fight forces trying to redefine marriage into something perverse.  Here in Wisconsin, for the most part, the church is silent, afraid to apply pressure to our political leaders—or even get involved in the fight.

Second, how the issue of Sharia Law has shocked the churches and Christians into action.  The state of Oklahoma overwhelmingly voted to ban Sharia Law from usage in court cases within the state—and a Federal judge ruled their law unconstitutional, saying Sharia Law may be used to establish legal precedent if a judge wishes.  This action has galvanized and united Oklahoma Christians and pastors to stand up and get involved in social and political issues that threaten the freedom of Christians.  I wonder what it will take for our leaders to wake up to what is happening in our communities.

Third, I met an Oklahoma state legislator, Sally Kern.  Sally introduced herself to me and thanked me for our show in boldly standing on the truth of God’s Word, calling our show “heroic”.  Sally Kern had the courage to speak out against the radical homosexual movement in our nation that seeks to destroy marriage and indoctrinate our children in public education.  The last few years of her life have been hell on earth with thousands of threatening emails and letters directed at her, her Pastor husband and their children.  Militant homosexual millionaires from around the country have targeted her for personal destruction because of her courage and commitment to the Word of God—and yet she refers to us as “heroic”.  Lordthat I would have the courage and conviction of Sally Kern if presented the opportunity.

It is good to be home and back on air with you, our fellow Bereans.  My four days in Oklahoma showed me the importance of the work we are doing together to bring people back to the Word of God as the world spirals rapidly into evil.  And it strengthens me all the more to challenge our Christian leaders to wake up and see how the enemy is slowly moving his chess pieces into place for an all out assault on the church.  War is upon us if we wish it or not.  And the question each of us as Christians and leaders must ask ourselves is this:  Will we stand up and fight for the truth of God and His Word?  Or will we choose to remain silent, with blood on our hands?