Few movements within Christianity elicit more opinions or passion than the “signs and wonders” movement.  There are avid defenders who believe God is doing remarkable things to draw believers closer to him and reach the lost with miracles.  There are also avid detractors who see this movement as phony, self-serving and perhaps even evil—a great deception of Satan to lead many astray.  So who is correct?

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Now if you listen to this show regularly, you probably know the last thing I am ever accused of is being ‘politically correct”.  So who do I think is correct?  BOTH.  I believe God will continue to do miraculous healings in these final days and His power and glory will be magnified.  But I also believe Satan, as is his modus operandi, will create counterfeit signs and wonders as foretold by Jesus and Paul.

So the burden comes down squarely on us as disciples of Jesus Christ to discern what is of God—and what is of the enemy.  And the only way we can do that is to deeply study the Word of God and pray for the discernment of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus warned us that great signs, wonders and miracles would deceive many in these final days.

A major challenge I see confronting us in seeking discernment on this issue is that we have become more feelings and experience motivated in these latter days.  Our tendency is to go with what we feel, rather than what we should know.  The Word of God—absolute truth—is being replaced with human emotion and feelings when we discern what truth is.  When only 34% of self professed born again Christians believe the Word of God is absolute truth, what other conclusion can we come to?

As the world becomes more and more evil; as economic times become worse; as social pressures mount, our human tendency is to be guided by what we feel  is right; instead of what God tells us is right.  And sadly because of that, many will fall away as Jesus warned.

Is the bible something you just take to church an hour a week so you can look pious in front of your pastor?  Has it been relegated to a book you read on occasion?  Or is it your uncompromising blueprint for how you lead your life 24/7?  If the Word of God is not the most important thing in your life, you are headed into very dangerous waters.  If we do not know our God and His Word intimately, and seek to obey it fervently, we are in deep trouble.  Things will not get any easier from this point forward.  The world will hate Jesus more and more, and it will hate his disciples.  And false teachings and movements within the church itself will only become more deceptive and more enticing.