Signs and WondersThere are a couple of topical discussions we have been praying about and working on for months now. One is the Word of Faith Movement, and the other is the Signs and Wonders Movement that is sweeping a lot of America these days.

For the next two days we are discussing the Signs and Wonders Movement that is a very divisive issue within Christianity. Many believe it is a false and frightening movement, while others swear that the Holy Spirit is actively pouring out these signs and wonders. We want to take some time to thoroughly discuss this movement in the coming weeks because it is spreading, and we think it will continue to grow as people look for signs of hope in these trying times.

But it is crucial, that with all things, we test and hold it against the written Word of God to discern this movement. This morning we want to see what one of the best-known evangelists of our time, the late David Wilkerson, had to say about this movement before his death last year.

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