Bride of Christ

Romans Chapter 11 talks about our relationship with Him and His many adopted children.  The Church is the Bride of Christ, and we are preparing for His wedding feast. One day, Jesus will come for His bride and the end of this age will be upon us.

There are certain things we can know from His Word, and there are some things we speculate on. As we wrap up a week of discussing some very controversial topics like whether we should support Israel or Palestinians, One World Order and Word of Faith teachings, how do we rightly discern the Word of God when there are so many passionate Christians who argue on their most passionate issues?

There are some viruses infecting the church: Chrislam, New Age Spiritualism, Dominionism on both the left and the right, but sometimes as Christians we ask the wrong questions. Which issues do we stand up for, and which do we say, “I agree to disagree?” It’s a question we’re covering today with our guest Dave Wager. Dave is the founder of Silver Birch Ranch and Nicolet Bible College, and author of several books including Beyond Expectations: Learning to Obey. Check out Dave’s Blog here.

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