Many Christians struggle with sexual sin, and wonder if it’s possible to break free of the bondage of homosexual attraction.   With Christ, it is possible!  Today our special guest Ruth Christian joins us in studio to talk about her own journey out of a lesbian lifestyle, and how God has used her story to offer His hope to others. Ruth’s ministry is called Bridge Of Hope.

Ruth works diligently to bring hope to those struggling with same-sex feelings that they can be healed and freed to grow into the person God intended them to be (if they will surrender, trust and obey Him).

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If you know of someone struggling, Bridge of Hope can help equip you for one-on-one ministry to those who identify as homosexual, helping them to find liberation from homosexuality through Christ.

Ruth also encourages and equips churches to be a place for this healing process to take place through discipleship and fellowship. She is also the author of the book, Love Flowed Down: It Was For Me. Check out the ministry Facebook page!