Listening to Sally Kern’s story this morning is a chilling reminder of the price any of us might pay one day for standing up for the truth of God’s Word.  There was no hatred or malice in what she said—she was simply stating facts:  that homosexuality is a sin and that there is a radical movement to undermine the definition of marriage God has given us.

Suddenly she is viciously attacked in the media and millions of dollars are being poured in to an effort to destroy her, her career and even her family.  Sally states the truth—and the response is vicious lies seeking to destroy her.  So she is called a hater for proclaiming the truth—and those that viciously attack her with lies consider themselves the tolerant ones.

While Sally’s case is not the norm, a similar thing is beginning to happen in our nation on a broader scale.  Christian leaders and churches who stand firmly on the truth of God’s Word, calling sin out for what it is, are being marginalized as hateful or uncaring.  They are accused of being legalists, Pharisees or flat out haters.  This slow grinding down of leaders and churches who stand firm in the faith is starting to take a toll.  Fewer and fewer churches are involved in the cultural battles on homosexuality and abortion.  The church, which is supposed to be a plumb line for morality and truth, is slowly shrinking away from the battle and is too often infected with the culture instead of pushing back against it.

As a whole, the church in America seems to be dying the death from a thousand cuts.  Slowly but surely she is bleeding, becoming weak and ineffective.  She seems more interested in embracing the culture than she is being a model for it.  Slowly we cede ground to the culture, and the effects of this are cumulative.  When our nation faces a cultural, economic or spiritual crisis, will the church be light and salt?  Or will she continue to shrink from her responsibilities and be assimilated into the pagan culture?

Only a fool would argue that our nation is not headed down a path to spiritual and moral chaos.  And sadly the church seems to be mostly sitting this battle out.  Just like when Hitler’s rise to power began, and the allied nations appeased him at every turn as he invaded more and more countries, hoping his appetite for land and power would be quenched.  Is our church appeasing the culture at every turn these days?  Are we more concerned with relating to the culture than we are calling it out and standing against it?

If we continue this path of appeasement and choose to remain silent, we will pay a horrible price—as a nation and as a church.  I expect the world to act as it is—I guess I just expect more from Christians and the church.