how much do you love me?It appears a new translation of the bible is being written these days.  A much simpler version that cuts through all the confusion some Christians feel when they read the New Testament.  A version that reduces the gospel and epistles to a very simple theology.

Do not judge, lest you be judged.  This quote from Jesus appears in Matthew 7:1 and progressive Christians are all over it.  In fact many are building their entire theology and understanding of God around that single verse.

It’s as if the entire message of Jesus has been condensed down to one verse.  No need to read the bible anymore, just go through life and make sure you dare not make a judgment on another.  It’s this type of shallow theology and teaching that has American Christianity on the ropes these days.

When you take the time to read the rest of that Chapter along with the complete writings of the New Testament, you understand that Christians are required to make judgments on a variety of issues.  Jesus spent a great deal of time warning us of false teachers and dangerous theology that would deceive many in the final days.

Paul tells us to call out false teachings, defending the faith.  In 1 Timothy Paul says those who sin should be publicly rebuked so that others may take warning.  In 1 Corinthians he says the sexually immoral brother who does not repent should be expelled from the church.  Paul declares “I have already passed judgment on the sinner” so the church should expel him.

But don’t worry about all this judgment stuff—it’s way too harsh.  Just make sure we don’t judge anyone’s actions or teachings.  Let’s just all get along.  Let’s just love on one another and take the journey to mushy theology together.  After all isn’t that what Jesus would want if he were here today?  Stop worrying about truth and just love one another.

We are to judge the motives and actions of other Christians.  If we take the time to read all of Matthew 7 we will see that we are first to make sure we are not applying a double standard when we judge another.  We need to make sure we have clean hands and a clean heart before we pass judgment on another, removing the plank from our own eye so we can better help our brother remove the speck that is in his.

Discernment and loving judgment of one another is critically important these days with so many incomplete or false gospels being spread.  When we judge another, our motive should not be to condemn them, but rather to restore them.  Rebuke the immoral brother so he might see the errors of his ways, and repent and be restored.

Love is caring enough to confront another in sin so he might see the errors of his ways, not sitting by idly as sin consumes him.  Watching a fellow Christian fall into the arms of Satan is not love, it is apathy and cowardice.  We need to love him enough to risk our friendship with him, hoping he will see the errors of his ways.  Love means taking a risk for someone.  Risking our friendship to help him out of destructive sin is true love.  The non-judgmental love preached by too many today is not love at all.


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