This show tackles tough, controversial issues; issues that need to be discussed as we enter perilous times.  It’s getting more and more difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys these days.  There are false teachers and movements out to deceive Christians and we need to be alert to their agenda and their methods.  But we must also be careful to not go on a witch hunt, doing more damage than good.

The two issues that seem to spark the most emotion on our internet discussion sites are the Word of Faith movement and the “signs and wonders” movement.  Both are emotional, confusing issues with no shortage of passion from both sides of the issue.  I can think of no issues that require more discernment and wisdom for Christians these days.

Faith plays a crucial part in our walk with God; in fact we are taught that without faith it is impossible to please God.  But “faith” can also become our god at times, when our faith is placed in our faith, and not God.

And the Bible tells us in the final days there will be a pouring out of the Holy Spirit among the people of God; but both Jesus and Paul also warned us there would be many false signs and wonders that are not of God—but of the enemy and that many will fall for these false movements.

This causes quite the challenge for us as Christians.  Just what do we believe in or distrust in these chaotic days?  How can we be open to genuine moves of the Holy Spirit, but not so caught up in emotion that we fall for slick presentations that appeal to our emotions in a dangerous way?

This is not easy, but then Jesus never promised us life as his disciples would be a walk in the park.  He said it would be tough at times and warned us that the enemy would try to steal our joy and throw us into confusion.

I don’t have an easy answer on how to accurately discern between moves of the Spirit and counterfeits of deception on every occasion.  It takes prayer and discernment, asking God to reveal his truth to us.  But it’s not always easy to discern that small voice we hear in our head—is it from God, our flesh or the enemy who seeks to destroy?  Be wary of anyone who offers a perfect solution to that question.  But I do know one answer we must avoid—the temptation to personally attack each other over our views on these dicey subjects.

Every one of us, when we stand before God will be guilty of getting some things wrong, and we will need his mercy and grace.  We are called to extend that mercy and grace to our brothers and sisters as God extends it to us.  So let’s have deep, meaningful discussion on tough issues, always going to the Word to discern truth from lies.  But let’s not turn on one another in hatred and accusations—that only plays right in to the hands of the enemy, a place we do not want to go.