You won’t believe this: A superhero cartoon aimed at making abortion as an acceptable option for teenagers in preventing unwanted pregnancy. Planned Parenthood has released a seven-minute cartoon  promoting their message of what they believe is a woman’s choice. So now the slaughter of innocents is simply another fun thing to do in the name of fighting for freedom–sort of like a Saturday morning Zelda video game or a Teen Titans cartoon.

(And just remember your tax dollars to the tune of a quarter-billion per year funds this group.)

Ray Comfort, producer of the popular pro-life website, said in response, “The old maxim ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ certainly is true. Cartoons are a very powerful medium because they use both pictures and words. But don’t be fooled into thinking that they are just for kids.”

So Ray has answered back with an entire cartoon graphics library of his own, highlighting life and hope. The free pro-life cartoon site called

“Anyone can freely download these cartoons and send them all over the Internet. These are very simple, to the point, and could save lives. We hope that those who care about the unborn will send them into the Social Media, and that pro-life organizations will regularly post them on their own websites,” says Comfort, who will appear on our Stand Up For The Truth program on February 13.