There is no denying that our culture is blasting a big hole into the morality of our nation. And today we are going to take a look at some unbelievable headlines making news this week. Can you imagine being a high school student in a choir where the director forced the kids to sing the lyrics, “There’s No Greater God than Allah”? Or what about the education official in Michigan who told the state’s education board that educators, not parents, know what is best for children? And then there is the North Carolina mom who sent her kindergartener to school with a healthy lunch, but the school confiscated it said it wasn’t healthy enough?

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In our first segment, we will check in with Christian apologist Philip Alexander about how the culture is infecting the Church. He’ll also bring us up to speed on a conference in Milwaukee called Immersion Conference, but unlike so many glitzy, relevant Christian conferences, this one will strengthen attendees to stand firm on God’s Word as truth.