العربية: المدارس الفقهية الإسلامية الرئيسيّة و...There may be no greater threat to world wide Christianity than the religion of Islam.  In the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Christians are being killed every day by radical Muslims who have been taught from an early age that it is their duty to kill all Christians and Jews.  They are taught that Allah will hold a special place for them in heaven if they kill infidels, particularly if they are martyrs in doing so.

As the world hopes for peace and tranquility in the Middle East, the pressure on Israel to come to peace with their Muslim neighbors grows greater each day.  Israel has one real ally—the United States—and that alliance is certainly under scrutiny with the current administration, which seems to go out of its way to accommodate Muslim nations at every turn.  And we have a segment of the Christian church that applies pressure on Israel through half truths and propaganda, claiming the Palestinians are the rightful occupants of land currently owned by Israel.  Christian leaders like Tony Campolo, Lynne Hybels and Jim Wallis are stirring up Christians to put pressure on our government to accept Palestinian claims to statehood within lands currently occupied by Israel.

A growing number of Christians are calling for Israel to sign a peace treaty that will end the conflict.  But put yourself in the shoes of the Israeli people for a moment:  They have been attacked numerous times by Muslim nations since they returned to their land in 1948.  Every week terrorists launch missiles into Jewish communities while the U.N. sits back doing nothing; and every time they reach a verbal agreement with their Muslim neighbors on a peace accord, the Muslim leaders change their position and demand more.  And these same Muslim leaders daily call for the destruction of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people.  Add to this that Muslims are taught in the Koran it is acceptable and good to lie to your enemy when talking peace, in order to lure them into danger and ultimate destruction; along with the fact that the Koran and Hadith teach they will settle for nothing less than world wide Sharia Law.

And now the United States, its only real ally, seems to be changing its position over the past two administrations, calling for a two state solution and the division of Jerusalem.  Can we be trusted to defend and support Israel if she is attacked again?

With Iran on the brink of obtaining nuclear weapons—which they have publicly stated they will use to annihilate Israel—reports indicate many Muslim nations are secretly encouraging Israel to take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities by military force, because Iran is also a threat to its neighboring Muslim countries.  But if Israel does that, these same Muslim countries will publicly condemn the action and Israel will incur the wrath of the United Nations and the world community.

At a time when America and Christians in our nation should be reaffirming our support of the Jewish state, more and more Christian leaders are undermining Israel by distorting the history of Palestine and presenting Israel as the aggressor in this conflict—a contention that is not backed up by historical facts.  And more and more Christians, too lazy to research the historical and current facts, and failing to understand God’s covenant with the Jews, are taking up the call and putting pressure on Israel to make concessions for what they think will be peace at last.  But facts are stubborn things—and the historical facts and continuing rhetoric and action of Muslim leaders clearly show there will be no peace until they wipe Israel off the map.  Is that something Christians really want to be a part of?