God is reconciling and reclaiming all things to Himself according to Genesis. But as Matt Chandler, pastor of the Village Church in Dallas, Texas recently said at a Code Orange revival, “The Bible is NOT about you!”

Matt Chandler is one preacher who resonates with the 20-something crowd without being seeker-friendly. He tells it like it is. But at that revival when he spoke the truth about the Bible not being about us but about God’s glory, he was thrown under the bus by those who put on the conference. You’ll now find most of Pastor Chandler’s sermon online—the ones that weren’t deleted anyway, but you won’t find it on the Code Orange website with all of the other pastors’ sermons. See up to that point in the revival, the crowd had been hearing that the Bible was their guidebook, their roadmap to living a better life.

When God is about me, or you, we have a whole different worldview than what God has intended in His Word. Matt Chandler told the crowd that if we do that, we will read it wrong, or infuse ourselves into the Bible. But the truth is, we are not David. Our problems are not our Goliath.

But wait. Doesn’t God love each and every one of us? Yes! He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, according to Ephesians.  His provision for us and his passion or us isn’t because you and I are great—it is that HE is great! He leads us in paths of righteousness.

When we take the Bible and change our thinking back to what it should be; to make sure everything is about God and not about us, we begin to see why God gave us the moral law. All the commands of God are meant to lead us to greater life and greater joy in Him and His ways rather than our own ways.  We won’t keep the law perfectly, but that’s what the cross is all about. God is about God. We are not.

Despite all of our failures and our shortcomings, God now sees us as perfect and holy—not because I am or you are, but because He is. The cross shows us that there is no sin in our lives that has more power than the cross of Jesus. We have nothing to boast in because everything is His. He is after the praise and glory for Him. So let’s not make it all about us. And you know, we’re all done that. But isn’t it time to repent of this once and for all, and make it about Him?