I took photo with Canon camera in Wisner, LA.Jesus came to set the captives free.  Before his perfect sacrifice, mankind was held captive by the power of sin and incapable of eternal perfect union with our heavenly father.  By his sacrifice we were set free—but just what did Jesus free us from?

Some Christians act as if this new found freedom gives us license to sin at will, always falling back on God’s amazing grace and forgiveness.  But the Apostle Paul clearly refuted this, teaching us that what we were really freed from was the power of sin in our lives.  Man was no longer bound to a destiny of continuing sin; instead by the power of the blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in our lives, man was now free to select a life of holiness, turning our back on sin.

It is not always an easy balancing act we face as Christians.  Our love of God and the freedom Jesus gave us should propel us to new heights of righteousness.  God gives us the power to turn our backs on sin, but we will fail at times.  We are once again dependent on the grace and forgiveness of God.  When we sin we must never allow the enemy’s lies to deceive us—lies that tell us we are now condemned because of our sin.

But we must also not fall into the trap of believing our sin is acceptable to God or that there are no consequences for our sins.  So Satan wants us to either feel condemned by our sin, or to accept it as perfectly normal.  We must avoid falling into either of those traps.

Instead we must pursue holiness by the power of God’s Spirit, turning our backs on our sinful nature and dying daily to our flesh.  But when we stumble, we rely on God’s immeasurable grace, pick ourselves up and learn from our mistakes.  How did the enemy tempt us?  What caused me to turn away from God and give in to my selfish human desires?  How can we make sure we do not fall for Satan’s lies and deception next time?

This is the battle we face daily as true Christians—depending on God’s grace and mercy, but never taking it for granted.  Not an easy balance, but one God gives us when we ask.  Scripture tells us Jesus was tempted in every way and yet remained sinless.  That is a goal we must strive for, knowing at times we will fall short.  And when we do, we ask for God’s forgiveness and the strength to never go there again.

This is the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Not an easy road, but one that is so worth it.

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