What should we as Christians expect from our leaders?  Leadership is crucial to any organization, especially a church.  Leadership sets the tone for an organization by identifying the values, principles and behaviors expected of those in the organization.  But leadership can also be very difficult and lonely at times because of the responsibilities leaders carry.  So what should we expect from our Christian leaders?

( )Honesty; Our leaders need to call things as they see them.  Integrity; Our leaders need to live as they teach others to live.  Transparency; Our leaders need to be completely open and honest with those they lead.

Accountability; Leaders need to be willing to be held accountable for their actions and decisions, not thinking themselves above the very rules they set for others.  Courage; leaders must make difficult decisions even when those decisions might be unpopular.  Being liked must take a back seat to doing what is right.

Discerning; leaders must be thoughtful about what they see going on around them and make decisions based on the Word of God.  Mentors; Christian leaders must be willing to invest their time and talents into the next generation of leaders.

Courageous; leaders must have the courage to do the right thing no matter what it might cost them.  Strategic thinkers; leaders must be willing to sacrifice short term gain or convenience for the long term health of the organization they lead.

Protectors; leaders must be willing to protect those we lead, placing ourselves between the vicious wolves ready to attack and those we lead.  Commitment; a burning passion to accomplish what is laid before them by God.

Honesty, transparency, accountability, courage, discernment, mentoring others, commitment, strategic thinking and protecting those we lead—not an easy job description.  But this is what is required, especially today of Christian leaders as we navigate difficult times.

There are wolves infiltrating the flock; wolves spreading incomplete or false gospels and leading people astray.  Our leaders, the appointed shepherds of the flock must step up and protect those charged to them.  When a bear or a wolf threatened his flock, David didn’t go out and try to find “common ground” with the enemy; he didn’t sit back passively hoping everything would be alright.  He attacked the wolf and chased it away—because that’s what leaders and shepherds do.

Pray for our leaders.  Pray that God will give them the strength, wisdom and discernment to be the leaders God wants them to be.  Our leaders are under enormous pressure these days and they need our prayers and help.  But they must also be willing to do what is right even when it is not popular.  Things are only going to get more challenging as the culture around us becomes more evil and false teachers and prophets infiltrate the church.  We need leaders who are courageous and principled—willing to do whatever it takes to protect the flock—a flock that is becoming confused and scattered.

Leadership is not easy; it is not for the faint of heart.  It requires courage, doing the right thing no matter what it might cost us.  Jesus gave up his life to do what was right.  Are we as leaders willing to do what is right no matter the cost?