This image was selected as a picture of the we...The study of History provides us a point of reference to gauge things in the present.  When we study and know the history of our nation’s founding and the men who founded it, we can know what their intentions were and judge if we are adhering to or straying from their original intent.

But when the study of History is altered for the sake of an agenda, it is easy to wander aimlessly as a nation or a church moves forward.  If one takes the time to study our founding documents as a nation, and the men who started this great Republic, you can easily see that they believed that a strong faith in God and adherence to his Law was critical to our nation.  Without our strong roots in Judeo-Christian teachings and law, our founders knew we would stray and end up in chaos.  Sadly this is happening.  Our nation is walking away from God and his perfect teachings, resulting in abortions by the millions and with marriage as God defines it under assault.

Is the same thing happening in Christianity in America?  The Bible, the absolute truth of God, is becoming less our cornerstone of truth, and more a subjective set of writings open to our personal interpretation.  This is leading to confusion within Christianity as the absolutes of God are replaced with selective “truths” of man, who only knows how to love and serve himself.

Progressive politicians and progressive Christians are working diligently to rewrite the constitution and the Bible to better fit their human understanding and change the way we look at our nation—and our God.  And they are winning the battle as more and more each day Christians in Americans embrace our own desires and greed.

At a point, perhaps very soon, we will reach a tipping point where progressive political and religious teachings become entrenched in the minds and hearts of those who have not studied our history as a nation and who have stopped reading the Bible.  If and when that day happens, everything will change.  Our nation will decay rapidly and Christianity in America will become a shadow of what it once was.

But with God there is always hope.  God is more than capable of restoring this great nation and rescuing American Christianity.  But God often chooses to work through his children—and we as his children have to show him we truly desire a great awakening and renewal.  If we do not, expect things to slowly deteriorate and grow much worse.

If there was ever a time for Christians to fall to our knees, repent of our wicked ways, and throw ourselves on the mercy of God, now is the time.  Has our pride and arrogance reached a point where this is asking too much?  Time will tell.