Cristo RedentorI am sure pretty every generation since Jesus walked the earth believed their generation might witness his return, and this is understandable.  As Christians we long for the day when our Savior returns to vanquish evil and establish his Kingdom where we will live for eternity in his love and perfect judgment.

But many Bible scholars now believe that every prophecy necessary to usher in the return of Jesus has been fulfilled and it could well be just a matter of a few years before we enter the final years of earth’s existence.

We see economic chaos setting the stage for a one world currency and government, rising tension in the Middle East as Iran threatens Israel with a nuclear attack, and a growing evil taking over the hearts of men.  And everywhere you look you see the seeds of religious syncretism being sewn as men try to rebuild the Tower of Babel.  The New Age movement is making great strides in convincing more people that collective humanity is its own God and many Christian leaders are seeking common ground with Islam—an anti-Christ religion.

In our nation and around the world, governments capitalize on the fear of their citizens and slowly take more control of our every day lives.  People are willing to give up freedom in the name of security and a desire to have government provide for all our needs, and even our wants.

Yes, every generation since Jesus walked the earth probably felt theirs would see his return, but one would have to be blind or foolish to discount the thought that this current generation could indeed witness his return in glory.

We can cower in fear; we can sit back and just watch things happen; or we can do what we are called to do as Christians and carry out the Great Commission, sharing the gospel of salvation with our friends, neighbors and everyone we meet.

As athletes would say, this is crunch time—the time when the cream rises to the top.  In a close contest with time winding down, great athletes reach down within themselves and find that extra drive and passion, willing their teams to victory.  Will we do the same as Christians—dedicate ourselves to fighting to the end to help the lost find hope in Jesus Christ?  That is the Great Commission Jesus gave us—to make disciples of all nations.  It is crunch time; the time when great athletes reach down and find that extra drive and passion to see things through to the end.

As Christians will we be great athletes for God, fighting to the bitter end?  Or will we choose to sit in the stands and just watch?  Our reaction to this challenge will say a lot about our love of God and our dedication to him.